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Q. How long will it take before I see results from this program?

A. It depends entirely on what you're trying to manifest. If it is a big goal, it could take months or even years. However, your ideas, thoughts and mindset can change literally within a few days. Smaller manifestations can take place anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Q. How effective is the brain harmonics material manifestation audio?

A. Its' very effective. It helps you get into "the zone" of peak performance so that your productivity and efficiency increases very easily. This helps to create material success. Sometimes exceptional results are created but as always, your individual results may vary.

Q. How effective is the brain harmonics romance manifestation audio?

A. Again, it's extremely effective. People have mentioned that there are a lot more attention and attraction signals from the opposite sex, including increased flirting, relationship opportunities etc. You listen to it for 1 hour per week and intend your goal at the same time. Suitable for use by both men and women.

Q. Is the format of The Laws Of Mind System™ the same as that for the Articles Database?

A. No. The format of The Laws Of Mind System™ is completely different because it's an e-book and not a collection of articles. The format has been structured so that the guide operates in a step-by-step fashion with simple English and clear diagrams. The articles database is there to act as a taster and introduction. The Articles Database can be accessed here.

Q. You know, everyone tells me they have the secret, but they don't and I'm fed up with all the lies. What makes this guide different?
A. This guide was created exclusively by analysing the natural strategies of self made multi-billionaires. These are the only people who can be relied on for true manifestation secrets because they are the ones who have performed the biggest physical manifestations. From these strategies, we have created a simple, step by step system of real manifestation principles which will guarantee real results. Only with real manifesters can come real secrets, where everyone else can only give half the story.

Q. What are the main benefits of "The Laws Of Mind System™"?

A. It teaches a step by step system for manifestation which explains everything you need to know, and an alternative to the law of attraction manifestation model which is not found anywhere else.

Q. Will I be able to download my own copy of the guide?
A.  Yes. Once your order has been accepted, you'll go straight to our secure server to access the products. You can also download the products onto your computer for future viewing.
Q. What are the aims of
A. The central aim for myself and my team is to teach the truth about manifestation and deliberate creation amongst such a huge sea of misinformation. We wholly oppose the "law of attraction" as a half-truth which has misinformed the public about the true manifestation secrets. We believe our values are honesty, transparency and integrity above all else, and we strive to offer this in all the products we produce and promote.
Q. Who owns
A. We are owned by Mind One Digital. This is also reflected in the PayPal order screen.

Q. How safe is it to purchase your product online?

A. 100% safe! Our merchant processors PayPal and  are the premier choice to accept orders throughout the world. They both have an excellent track record of safety and security with PayPal alone having over 150 million account holders worldwide. Using the latest encrypting technology ensures a safe and secure transaction that protects your details at all times. is our merchant which provides your download, and PayPal processes your transaction. You will also see a golden lock on the order screen to confirm the security is in place.

Q. I do not have a credit card or a PayPal account. What other ordering options are available?

A. For details of other ordering options, please e-mail us at

Q. Do you have a book/DVD/CD form of your products?

A. Unfortunately not, but we are working on bringing these forms into the marketplace at a future date.






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